Sunday, 11 June 2017

Jovi Deletes Photos And Posts On His Instagram Handle

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34 years old Cameroonian hip-hop Master Jovi, who is known for his sarcastic utterances towards his colleagues and the public, seem to be in another 'je m'en fou de vous I don't care about you' game again.

Jovi's fans were surprised to reach an empty Instagram page, when they visited, as the mbokogod singer has deleted all posts and photos that were animating his Instagram handle.

No one knows what happened and why he decided to go blank on Instagram, but Jovi is an unpredictable person, who really do not care about what you and I think of him. His twitter handle however  seems operational.

There is nothing Jovi will not show us in this country. I hope say nobi over dose caus'am. Lol

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