Thursday, 29 June 2017

Issa Tchiroma Bursts Out Of The Blues Acknowleding Government Is Negotiating With Anglophones. Lol, I Mean The Same People He Called Terrorists

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Issa Tchiroma Bursts Out Of The Blues  And Actually Says Government Is Negotiating With Anglophones. Lol, I Mean The Same People He Called Terrorists
Cameroon's most lousiest Minister of all ages Issa Tchiroma Bakary, who for some disciplinary reasons have been silent for months, has  finally made his voice head again

Thanks To Chris Fobeneh, Publisher of the Cameroon Journal, we all know Tchiroma is still alive and knows about everything  happening  in and around the country. 

Chris Fobeneh was chanced to have had an impromptu telephone conversation with the Parrot man Tchiroma 26 June 2017, and their discussion was focused on the current political crisis in Cameroon, not excluding government's present headache, 'the Southern Cameroons crisis'.

Chris wrote that among the many questions he was hammering Tchiroma with, was the focal point of interest on the Southern Cameroon Broadcasting Corporation TV(SCBC TV), the channel that government has lost millions of  F CFA to ban from airing. Chris wanted to know if the Minister was watching programs on SCBC TV, and what the government thought about it. 

Tchiroma burst into laughter incessantly, before acknowledging that  'he is a fan', but emphasized that "watching SCBC TV is 'Watching Provocations'". Lol

When asked if government was ready to talk 'Federalism' that he Tchiroma termed 'Tabo', the local pocket lawyer brushed about the bush without a yes or no, but however replied 'government is negotiating with Anglophones to resolve the crisis'.

Tchiroma's unusual silence has created speculations, because of his passionate palaverous media outings on State brewing events. The worst is his silence over the assassination of the Bishop of Bafia, that has cracked the entire catholic world. 

Well, what we know concerning his silence is that for some reasons of alleged embezzlement Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary's passport has been confiscated among others and he is forbidden to leave the four corners of the national territory for whatever reason till further notice.

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