Thursday, 15 June 2017

Intimate Pictures With Niece Lands Charlotte Dipanda In False Lesbian Allegations And Scandal

Is Charlotte Dipanda a lesbian? This question has gone viral among social media activists, who said they have discovered that the queen of the Cameroonian podium do not hang out with men, but is often seen in the presence of women in different romantic joints.

It is true that her fans have been dying to know her Mr.Right, as she once declare that 'all the married people she knows are unhappy', reason why she wasn't  in a mad rush to get into any relationship in the name of marriage.

Photos of the Diva and a certain Patricia Essombo have been trending online for the past 24 hours, giving speculations that the pair are in a romantic tie.

Social media activists have corroborated the fact that their 'slow soul queen' hasn't had any public affair with a man, except when Stanley Enow, said he was crazy for her, which investigations later revealed that they were just boohs, to conclude that Charlotte is a LESBIAN.

The said Patricia has a masculine body build, is always around Charlotte, and is  even seen among other music artist and Cameroonian football stars like Samuel Eto'o and Psquare, since she too is in the Cameroonian showbizz.

Always dressed in trousers and shirt, with a masculine hair do, Patrica is not hiding her affection for Charlotte. She follows her everywhere, calling her all sort of romantic pet names we can imagine and even when Charlotte is shooting her clips she is always present to the extend that she plays the role of a man by her side.

Haters have already start campaigning for a boycott of her music, which is absolutely Crazy.

But truth is, there is not romantic tie among the ladies. Patricia is Charlotte's niece and both girls are said to have grown up together, and have been cuddling together since Childhood.

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