Thursday, 22 June 2017

Hon. Wirba Joseph Says He Is Back And Ready To Be Jailed

Hon. Wirba talking to the press

The return of SDF's MP from the Jakiri Constituency in the Kumbo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon, have met with controversial critics from people who thought he had left for good, but for the Honourable gentleman, he has come back to to finish the unfinished business he left.

Appearing unexpectedly yesterday June 21st 2017, in the Ngoa Ekelle Glass house, Hon. Joseph Wirba, who had fled the country to an unknown destination, mounted the rostrum of the National Assembly, determined as ever, announced to all that 'Wirba Joseph is back'.

His presence shocked many, including his colleagues because he had exiled himself after a warrant of arrest was issued against him, following his involvement in the ongoing  anglophone crisis plaguing the country. 

Hon. Wirba said he has returned to the country to face the consequences, and to tell the government that he was ready to die for his people. 

While speaking on the rostrum, Hon. Wirba reminded the Speaker of the House Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril how 'he wrote to him when he was in distress, asking for protection, but got no reply'. Cavaye replied that Wirba will 'never know what he did for him'.

'I am back for the same reasons I left. Go and tell those who signed my arrest warrant to come and arrest me'. Hon. Wirba challenged, with a willingness and readiness to bell the cat.  He said he was ready to go to Kondengui, if that was the price to pay for standing  and crying out the sufferings of his people loud. He recounted how he suffered when he exiled himself, even though he did not disclose the hole he was hiding in.

He was asked to regain his seat when he started talking about West Cameroon liberation, but he insisted 'I am back for same reasons I left. Go and tell those who signed my arrest warrant to come and arrest me'. 

Hon. Wirba Joseph rose to fame among the anglophone people, when he spoke up loud and clear about anglophone marginalization in Cameroon in the rostrum of the National Assembly last year during the November session, challenging the government and its players, bu spitting the realities to their faces, using Thomas Jefferson's quote 'when injustice becomes law, resistance become a duty' to let his oppressors know how rebellious the anglophone people have become, due to the continuous discrimination they face daily.

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