Sunday, 11 June 2017

Hon. Joseph Wirba Begs Anglophone Detainees In Kondengui To End Hunger Strike

Anglophone detainees in the Yaounde Kondengui prison, who were illegally arrested in the ongoing riots in  the two anglophone regions of the country have been undergoing hunger for close to a week.

Sources from Kondengui say some of them have been collapsing, while rumor had it that  one of them died yesterday, because when he collapsed,  the penitentiary workers did not give him immediate attention.

This disturbing situation has been eating up the people of the English community, who fear most of the guys will lose their lives if they continue, especially as the government is giving deaf ears to their requests.

SDF's MP in the hiding Hon. Joseph Wirba, touched by situation, is asking the boys to end the hunger strike, before they all die of hunger, and give the government room to jubilate , since that is what they want.

In a message to the boys of today Sunday June 11, 2017, Hon. Wirba begged the guys on his knees to take some beverages, while hailing the bravery.

Read his full post below

'My heart bleeds my dear brothers about your ordeal! I send this message to plead with you to please end your hunger strike.
My reasons are simple. We are dealing with an inhumane government which does not think we are human enough. A government that kills children in the streets for demonstrating will care less if others die in prison! A government that tortures female university students, rapes them and rub them in sewage filth will care less if you all die in prison!

If you all died out there from hunger,they will in fact be happy that the number of those resisting their oppression has reduced!
As your brother who has undergone untold suffering, and an attempt on his life, I plead with you all on my knees to please end the hunger strike immediately, so that we all can live to fight our oppressors another day!
You have proven to the whole world what you are made of and West Cameroonians are very proud of you! Please call off your hunger strike and begin eating by drinking a lot of water and light liquid meals like pap and smooth beverages like chocolate, milk and Ovaltine!
I love you very much and will continue fighting for us to take back what is ours from this colonial regime! God bless you abundantly and strengthen your resolve to keep fighting for our people!'.

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