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» » » » » » » » CRTV Fires Adele Mballa Atangana From Her Position As Editor In Chief

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The Board of Directors of the Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation CRTV sat yesterday June 29th 2017, for an Extra Ordinary Session, that ended with decisions of change and promotion within the structure.

The most criticized decision was that of the official sacking  of Adele Mballa Atangana from her position as Editor in Chief, following her blunder of Monday 15, 2017, when she was tricked by her Proof Reader to announce the formation of a French government that had not happened.

Adele Mballa Atangana after this error, was removed from the news desk, but kept her position as Editor in Chief, until yesterday, when she was pushed out of the position and replaced by someone who had gone on retirement retirement.

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