Sunday, 25 June 2017

Bleached Queen Dencia's Controversial Post On Southern Cameroonians. A CHEAP Publicity Stunt Of Her Aunt's School?

Cameroonian born Afro Pop star Reprudencia Sonkey  aka Dencia, who has done nothing good but encourage young girls to peel off their original skin to become bleached like her, has gone sabotaging the Southern Cameroon's struggle again.

A Southern Cameroonian from origin, Dencia thinks Southern Cameroonians destroying public and individual properties should go wage their war in Yaounde, rather disrupting studies in the English parts of Cameroon.

Cameroonian Bleaching Expert, Dencia Advises Igbo On The Easiest Way To Get Biafra!
The Whitenicious CEO concluded her message to who ever she was chatting with, by proposing the services of a school owned by her aunt where Southern Cameroonian kids can enroll and study hitch free.

Truth is, the people do not think Dencia is with them, and they say she is 'No Good Example To Emulate' following her radical skin bleaching and the products she promotes that helps destroys the beauty of the dark skin.

Image result for images of Dencia
Dencia and her beau of Manchester United Paul Pogba

They say she is good at doing what she knows best i.e. her music career, her business empire, her sizzling romance with Pogba Paul, and her recent educational venture at the Havard University, and encourage her in that, but warns she keeps her opinion about the anglophone struggles to herself.

Read her messages below.

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