Monday, 26 June 2017

42 Years Old Sends Father To An Early Grave Because Of His Ambitions To Travel To Canada

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Reports from the PK 16  Douala neighborhood says a 42 years old man by name Achille Dongo is lamenting on the bare floors of the Logbessou Gendamerie Brigade, for pressuring his dad to his untimely death. 

According to the kid brother of Achille, Amande KUETE, when Achille passed his Bac some years back, he told his dad that he wanted to go and continue his studies in Ghana. The father did every thing he could, and Achille traveled to Ghana. 

Years after he finished his degree, he returned home to his family, with a new travel project to Canada, ordering his dad to finance the said project, but the old man told him that he was not able to raise the needed amount for the Canadian trip at the moment, but however, asked his son to give him some time to put one and two together to see if something could come out.

Not wanting to be patient, Achille asked his dad to sell their shop at the Diedo market, which was the family's lone source of income. His father told him he could not sell the shop and starve his remaining four children and wife to death, but still advised his son to be patient.

Achille Ndongo was determined to travel even at the detriment of his family's well-being, so he put his father's motor bike on fire, as a threat that he was ready to have everyone's head his way, if his dad did not cough out the money for his Canadian trip. 

Despite this action, his father still begged him to be patient, but to prove that he was more determined to travel immediately than to patiently wait for his dad's right moment, he went to the shop at the Diedo market and sold it.

The shock of this last straw gave his father an instant stroke, on the 20th of June 2017. He died in a taxi while he was being rushed to the hospital, and his remains were taken to the Logbessou District hospital mortuary.

When Achille got the news of his father's death, he brought a sword, threatening to kill his mother, accusing her of announcing the news that shocked and killed his father.

It was thanks to the timely intervention of the gendamerie that another disaster was stopped, and Achille carried away to the Brigade, where he should be lamenting the consequences of his impatience.

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