Sunday, 14 May 2017

Trumps Strangest Tweet 'We' Blows Off The Internet.

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Trumps Strangest Tweet 'We' Blows Off The Internet. 

Donald Trump has long been heralded as 'the Twitter President'. 
It's his life line of communication, a source of Fox News related information, and a direct connection with his devoted fans. 
He's been on his account, which boasts an impressive 29.3 million followers, since 2009, but it seems that he's still getting the hang of it. 
This week the President delivered, perhaps, his most clear and easy to understand tweet of all time.
It was a linguistic tour de force. And completely free of all spelling mistakes.
Naturally, it was deleted rather speedily afterwards.

However, the damage was done. Twitter had it now, and they weren't going to let go of this rather enjoyable moment .
Everyone loves using 'the royal we' now and then.
There were criticisms made about his hands. 

…have fat fingers 

But the overwhelmingly popular choice was... Song lyrics! 
Hum along if you know the tune. 
We are family! 

*guitar rif*


You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, to me. But we...

🎶 are NEVER, EVER, EVER / getting back to political stability in this country 🎶

We have absolutely no idea what this one is referring to. 

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