Saturday, 13 May 2017

To Disable the Proper Functioning Of The Syndicate of Cameroon Medical Doctors, Minister Andre Mama Fouda Transfers Doctors To Remote Area

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The Minister of Public Health Andre Mama Fouda, last Tuesday May 9, 2017, signed a decree, transferring Doctors, especially the Executive of the Syndicate of Cameroon Medical Doctors(SCMD), to remote areas where their voices will not be heard.

Among those affected in the SCMD Executive by Minister Mama Fouda ridiculous decree are:
  1. Dr. Pierre Bassong, President, who was the Chief of Service at the Neurological Unit of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, transferred to Somalomo in the East Region.
  2. Dr. Ndoudoumou Patrick, Secretary General who was  Chief of  CMA Akono, transferred to Mayo-Barleo in the  Adamawa Region.
  3. Dr. Laah, Assistant Secretary General/Communication Officer who was Chief of Service at the Bamenda Regional Hospital transferred to Koza in the Far North Region, and 
  4. Dr. Kamta, Vice President, from Douala General Hospital transferred  to Ngaoui in the Adamawa Region.

Minister Mama Fouda's transfer degree comes at a time when the Medical Doctors in Cameroon, have fastened their belts, to face the government in an upcoming announced strike action come Monday May 1 2017.

Read the entire decree below.

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