Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Untold Mafia On The Special Recruitment of Anglophones In ENAM

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The press release of the the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms ANGOUING Michel Ange on Monday May 15 2017, that read 'following instructions from the President of the Republic as a solution to the preoccupation raised by some Anglophones Lawyers, two competitive examinations for the special recruitment of 50 (fifty) Pupil Magistrates and 30 (thirty) student Court Registrars of English expression into the Magistracy and Registry Division of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (NSAM) for the 2017/2018 academy year have been launched'.

This decision seem to be pregnant with undisclosed agendas, and in its Thursday edition, the 'L'Economie' newspaper underlined the mafia in this  recruitment, saying the release said  'candidates speaking English', and not 'candidates from the North West and South West Regions only'. 'Because in as much as these two regions are English speaking, they do no have monopoly over the English language'. The paper wrote. This simply means that even Francophones who have studied in the English regions are eligible for this special recruitment.

'Candidates wishing to sit for this examination are informed that the written part shall be done exclusively in the English language and shall take place in the headquarters of the following regions: Center, North, North West and South West', the Press release  read.   According to the paper, the recruitment 'will not only be in the anglophone regions', but also in Francophone Regions like the Center and the North.

Statistic from the Ministry of Justice shows Cameroon has  2 086 lawyers, 1 390 Francophones and 696 anglophones, 1400 student lawyers. 

In the geographical repartition of the lawyers, it was discovered that there was 'no Francophone lawyer in the South West', and 'one in the North West', while there are '129 anglophone lawyers in t he French speaking regions'.

Meanwhile, there are '69  notaries', with no anglophone among.  '514  bailiffs', '499 Francophones' and '15  anglophones'.  43 francophone bailiffs and no anglophone bailiff serving the courts in the North West, while there are 16 francophone bailiffs and 15 anglophones in the South West Regions while the rest of the bailiffs are in the other eight Francophone regions

Finally, among the 1 542  magistrates in the country,only 227 are anglophones, while 1 265 are Francophones.

Government's decision to launch this recruitment in favour of the aggrieved anglophone people, was appreciated as a continuous effort to bring back peace in the troubled regions, but with this twisted lines in the recruitment, the anglophone thinks is is another bad faith from the manipulative government, who just want to act in the flash, why the depth of their intentions is still questionable.

Copy of Minister ANGOUING Michel Ange's Press Release

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