Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Rail Market Bonaberi In The Economic City Of Douala In Pictures

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The beautiful and largest Economic City of Douala is gradually becoming inhabitable, despite all beautiful projects going on, but which are poorly managed and planned.

The congestion of the city, the inability of government to hire competent contractors to do road works, and the Douala City Council's failure to monitor hygienic practices, even though they collect 'hygiene taxes' from petty traders, have made the city to be the dirtiest and most inhabitable town in Cameroon.

Traders in local markets  find it difficult to display their perishable consumable products, and not wanting the products to get bad so that they lose their money, they are forced to sell on any market space that is available, without even bothering on the conditions of the space. More especially with the rains that have come to stay, causing water to stand every where because there is no good drainage system.

It is during this rainy period, that some people take advantage to drain their toilets, so that the waste runs along with the passing rain water, and without having where to empty itself, the water stands where it can, and that is how traders and buyers walk inside the water to do their local shopping. 

Crazy as it sounds, but the images herein say it all.

Marche de Rail or Rail Market in Bonaberi.
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