Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Paul Biya Sends Congratulatory Message For The 7th Time To French Presidents Since He Became President of Cameroon In 1982

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Cameroon's Head of State for 34 years on Monday May 8th 2017, sent a congratulatory message to the new 39 years old French President elect Emmanuel Macron.

This is the 7th(seventh) time Mr. Biya is sending congratulatory messages to different French Presidents, since his ascension at the Supreme Majesty of Cameroon.

Commenting on President Biya's congratulating many French Presidents, while France has been congratulating just one President in Cameroon for 34 years, 'L'Economie' newspaper details that before his SEVENTH congratulatory message to Emmanuel Macro, President Biya had previously sent the same letters to the  François Mitterand (21st may 1981 - 17th May 1995), Jacques Chirac (17th may 199- 16th May 2007), Nicholas Sarkozy (16th may 2007-15th May 2012) and François Hollande(15th May 2012  14th May 2017).

Paul Biya became President of Cameroon when Emmanuel Macron was just  years  (five) old, and now that Macron has grown of age and become the youngest President in the world, President Biya is assuring him that Cameroon is ready and available to continue the long existing friendship that both countries have judiciously nurtured, maintained and enjoyed for decades, and that Cameroon will cooperate with France deeply  to explore all new horizons that will open up during Macron's reign.

An except of the President of the message as translated by us

"Following your brilliant election to the Presidency of the Republic of France, I have the great pleasure on behalf of the  myself  and people oCameroon, to express my deep and warm congratulations.

I also wish you success in the accomplishment of your great mission.

For many decades now, France and Cameroon have maintained and enjoyed a close and trusted relationship in many areas . Bonded by history and a longtime friendship which has never failed, this relationship can accomplish many new things.

I want to assure you of my availability to work with you to maintain this friendship between our two countries and to let you know that we are prepared to cooperate with you in any new openings that this friendship will bring.

Yours truly

President Paul Biya

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