Sunday, 14 May 2017

Pastor Rapes, Impregnates And Forcefully Aborts His Own Biological Daughter in Yaounde

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A Pastor in one of these mushroom churches spreading all over the place was dragged to court by his wife for raping,  impregnating and aborting his daughter who was 16 years old at the time of the incident.

The victim by name Olivia, who is 20 years old today, is the first daughter of Pastor Manga Thierry, and 'Kalara' newspaper reporting the incident says Pastor Manga raped his daughter severally, lying to her that she was possessed with evil spirits, that was initiated by her mother his wife, thus creating a distance between Olivia and her mum.

Pastor Manga took advantage of the distance he has created between his wife and daughter and had sex with his daughter as often as he desired, promising to deliver her from the evil spirits that her mum sent to possess her.

According to Olivia her father the Pastor dealt with her sexually for three months, during which she got pregnant. He took her to a health center and aborted the pregnancy.

The paper continued that as Olivia grew older, she understood that her mum was not the witch her dad made her to believe, and revealed everything to her mum, who took the matter to the Yaounde Mfoundi High Court.

During the hearing, Pastor Thierry did not deny the allegations against him. He pleaded 'guilty' and said he was 'carried away by uncontrollable emotions' for his first daughter. He however said he slept with her just once, and did not know she was going to fall pregnant.

Pastor Thierry Manga is presently languishing in the Yaounde Kondengui prison, as the hearing continues.

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