Tuesday, 9 May 2017

North West Fons Goes On Their Knees For Mbeeh Paul Biya To Run For The 2018 Presidentials

Image result for images of North West Fons of Cameroon with President Biya

Some power seeking Fons in Executive Committee of  the North West Fons  Union(NOWEFU)  under the chairmanship of Fon Teche last weekend, rallied in the North West Regional capital of Bamenda, to  beg  the 'Fon of Fons' Mbeeh President Paul Biya who is 84 years old, and who has been in power for 34 years, to remain and die at the Presidency of Cameroon all the days of his life.

According to the Post newspaper reporting this nonsensicalness, the power blinded Fons made this abominable utterances, while consciously acknowledging the unquenchable fire in the two Anglophone Regions, and which they themselves know that Mbeeh Biya has decided put cottons in ears, so that he will not hear the distress voices of the said aggrieved people.

Applauding last minutes power actions by the Mbeeh of Mbeehs, the Fons  said they were impressed with Mbeeh Biya's decision to create the National Commission for the promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism and were grateful for his appointing Cornelius CHI as the scribe of the Commission, as well as the other moves he has initiated in resolving the anglophone crisis.

As if their wanting Mbeeh Biya to remain in power for life was not enough, they further instigated him to use harsh disciplinary measures against teachers who refuse to answer government's call to return to the blackboard.

Throwing more stones, Mrs. Mbah Acha Rose, Minister of State In charge of Supreme State Audit said the government has made some significant giant moves, that would have brought Peace to the aggrieved regions.

The meeting that was also attended by Prof. Paul Ghoghumo of the Prime Minister's Civil Cabinet, ended with the Fons sending their unflinching support to Mbeeh Biya, calling on him to forget his age, and put in his candidature for the upcoming 2018 Presidential in Cameroon.

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