Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Nine Cameroonian BIR Elements Chasing Stolen Cows Arrested In Chadian Territory For Trespassing

Image result for images of Cameroonian soldiers fighting Boko Haram

Illustrative Image of soldiers at the war front  fighting against Boko Haram
Reports say nine(9) Elements of the Rapid Intervention Squad popularly called BIR, who were on guard in a Boko Haram infested zone in the Far North Region have been arrested by the Chadian military.

This arrest according to 'Le Jour' newspaper occured on Sunday 7th May 2017, and the administrative authorities only started intensifying negotiation process for their release  on Tuesday the 9th.

Sources say some cattle owners alerted the Cameroonian military guys that they had been attacked by four assailants, who made away with 26 of their cows at Foulwayna not far from Gobo in the Mayo Danay Division.  The cattle owners said the cowboy was tied, and that the attackers had taken the route towards the south.

The BIR guys went after the four cow thieves, and went as far as crossing the borders 2 km into the Chadian territory without knowing, and that is how the Chadians who are so sensitive about their border arrested and locked them up.

Addressing the issue, the SDO for Gobo said "the incident is not that serious, but that if it was the reverse that happened, the Chadians wouldn't have been arrested and kept. With them, everything must go through their capital Ndjamena. They are too sensitive when it comes to their borders, and their administration is centralised. But the government is doing everything possible to secure the release".

While the Chadians are saying they arrested the armed BIR guys on board a  pick up  carrying  a Machine gun by French Manufacturer  'Farmas'  45 km inside their territory, Cameroonian authorities say the BIR Elements were just 2 km into the Chadian territory, and were carrying assault riffles by Israeli Manufacturer 'Galil'

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