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Minister Mama Fouda's Seat Gets Hotter, As Medical Doctors Vow To Drag Him Infront Of President Biya For Incompetency And Other Professional Diagnosed Inabilities . Video

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Minister Andre Mama Fouda of Public Health, is the center of attraction now in Cameroon, as he makes a desperate move to disable the proper functioning of the Syndicate of Medical Doctors in Cameroon(SCMD), by transferring its Executive members to extreme ends of the country, where they cannot have  possibilities of meeting often.

In a Ministerial decree of May 11, 2017, Minister Mama Fouda transferred Dr. Bassong, President of SCMD, to the Somalomo Medical Center in the Eastern Region.

Dr. Bassong was the Service Head of the Neurological Services at the Bamenada Regional Hospital, a service with 25 beds, and was the only neurologist in the the whole of the North West Region, made up of at least 2 million people.

Reports say immediately after the Minister's decree was read, the Director General of the hospital automatically relieved Dr. Bassong of his position, to the detriment of patients that were under his care, sending him away from the hospital premises, against government's transfer rules, which gives the Civil Servant up to 30 days, to finally leave his duty post to his transfer station.

The Syndicate held a Press Conference today May 14th 2017, and they unanimously agreed to take Mama Fouda to Paul Biya's personal discipline table, so that he can be fired from his position with immediate effect.

The video below, is the true on the ground situation of Doctors in Cameroon. The Video reads:

Medical Doctors in Cameroon
Seven Years of Studies, seven years of hope
Without salaries we go to our postings
But we are filled with enthusiasm
1, 2, 3 years elapses and still no payment
Discomfort settles, love for medicine fades away, quality of care deteriorates
Monthly salary 105 000 F CFA.
10 000 patients die each year for lack of funds
Medical Doctors created  a Union SMDC
SMDC Fights for
Medical Insurance for all Cameroonains
Better Salaries
Retirement at  65 years
These are the answers of the Minister
Shut up and work
Open your private clinics
Mr. Minister, how many more deaths in our hospitals before a better health system is put in place for Cameroonians?
Together Let's stand up for a better health system in Cameroon

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