Saturday, 13 May 2017

Medical Doctors Snobs Minister Mama Fouda's Foulplay Strategy To Disable Their Union, And Say They Will Go On With Phase Two Of Their 'STAY AT HOME STRIKE', Come Monday May 15th 2017

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Following Minister Andre Mama Fouda's decree, transferring key players of the Syndicate of Cameroon Medical Doctors(SCMD) to remote areas, in a bid to armtwist the proper function of this union, the Doctors have retaliated, and stood up firmer than ever, saying the Minister's decree is a clear indication that they have no security in their profession as medical practitioners while they will be on strike.

In their Press Release  of May 12, 2017, SCMD call on all medical professionals to 'STAY HOME' from the 15th to 17th May 2017, and only critical cases on emergency should be attended to within these days.

The Medical Doctors are fighting to defend their interests, that the Cameroon government have been under looking and trampling upon, and despite several attempt to get a workable and lasting solutions, fallacious promises that never come to pass are the solutions government always provides.

The SMDC sympathized with their colleagues affected by Minister Mama Fouda's foulplay in a message on their Facebook page that read: "These brave colleagues, medical doctors, unique specialists have risked it all to make sure we have a brighter future. Today, they are facing the ultimate challenge and may even face worst in the nearest future as they are brave enough not to give in any capricious acts. Dr. Bassong, Dr. Laah, Dr. Kamta and Dr. Patrick Ndoudoumou are our heroes. We shall not let you down. We are behind you. One for all, all for one. Long live SCMD".

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