Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Medical Doctors In State Hospitals Answer Present At Work

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Amidst threats of labour strike, serenity reigns in various hospitals as duty consciousness prevails for some medical staff.
All seem calm in various public hospitals in Yaounde as medical workers are on hand to attend to patients. Last Friday May 19, 2017 Cameroon Tribune (CT) reporters made a tour of some public hospitals in Yaounde during which it was observed that what seem to be a strike action by medical staff last week was dwindling into oblivion.

At about 3:00 p.m. last Friday, Jules Sauza, a caretaker to a patient at the Yaounde Central Hospital was seen happily moving from the hospital laboratory to the diabetic ward. In a chat with Cameroon Tribune, Jules Sauza said that which seemed to be a labour strike action has stopped because last week not all medical doctors were on duty. 

While sorting out his brother’s medical examination who is suffering from diabetes, Jules Sauza said he encountered some medical staff who angrily asked him “do not you know that we are on strike”. Jules said he was very surprised and felt they were joking because he did not understand why they were on duty but claimed not to attend to patients because of a strike action.

However, by Friday May 19, things changed as medical workers were effectively on duty attending to patients. Proof of this is testified by Mama Jeanne who came with a patient who was admitted at the La Garde ward of the Yaounde Central Hospital. 

According to Mama Jeanne, she and her sisters who brought their mum to the hospital had not observed any sign of a labour strike because from the time they arrived in the hospital, they were given proper attention and their mother was on the required medication. 

Another scenario of a strike action was also witnessed at the Yaounde Gynaeco-Paediatric Hospital where some patients could not carryout their medical examinations because the doctor who had to sign the insurance paper was on strike. It is only last Friday that the patient could carry out her medical checking-up.

Whatever the case, the main entrance into most public hospitals in Yaounde are bustling with people making their way into and out of the hospitals. Patients on wheel beds are being carried from one medical block into another within the hospital.

Courtesy: Cameroon Tribune

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