Friday, 5 May 2017

Justice Ayah Paul Abine Raises Another Cry Of Distress, As Authorities Block His Toilet In Jail

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Justice Ayah Paul Abine Raises Another Cry Of Distress, As Authorities Block His Toilet  In Jail

Justice Ayah Paul Abine who was arrested since 21st January 2017, and who have been refused bail is now experiencing the worst. 

In his his recent distress post, Pa Ayah says for nine (9) days now, he is without a toilet in his cell room, and looks like this facility must have been deliberately taken away from him by the authorities, to make him test the hardship of being behind bars which to him will remain 'Unforgettable' in his memory

Read the post below
'For 9 days and counting, Ayah Paul is without a toilet. His external toilet currently blocked appears to please the authorities who seemingly don't care enough; after all, it's an anglofool.

Ayah is forced to alert guards on duty at any time biological demands are to be attended to and as result, he is escorted to another public toilet about 40 metres away, through offices, holding toilet tissue alongside other toiletries. Who cares?
This is how the highest ranked 'anglophone' judge of the land is treated; a man presumed innocent until the contrary is proven as per the constitution. And what contrary can even be proven against this man? But not even this yet another inhumane treatment is enough to bend Ayah Paul Abine'....

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