Thursday, 18 May 2017

Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai Unveils Government's Plans To Tap Phone Lines In The South West And North West Regions

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The government of Cameroon is planning to start tapping phone lines of mobile users in the North West and South West Regions of the country. This revelation was made by the South West Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai, during a security evaluation meeting on the ongoing anglophone crisis in his region of jurisdiction.

According to 'Informatin' newspaper of Wednesday May 17 2017, reporting this governmental folly, 'all phone calls will be tapped in the anglophone regions'.

The reason for this irrational action by government is to step-up security, and track down those they believe are instigating the unceasing rioting in the said regions. 'We shall be arresting all those involved in pushing the people to riot. Some people are pretending to be worried about the situation, but goes behind and encourage the secessionists'. Bernard Okala  said. He further  revealed that more than 10 people  disturbing the peace of the country have been arrested and put behind bars.

According to the paper, the Governor was revealing government's plan to tap into peoples lines to listen even to private and intimate conversations, all in the name of wanting to bring striking anglophone leaders to their black book. 

Okala Bilia also said the South West Region will not be demilitarized anytime soon, since according to him, the rioters continue to destroy public properties and threaten the population. This explains the reason why trucks of military men have been deployed to the region to invigilate official examinations.

Telephone users are however protected by law No. 2010/013 of 21st December 2010, that says 'it is forbidden to tap people's phone lines without authorization from the law', and the second one that says 'the telephone consumer is protected by the law, should in case an anonymous person taps into his/her private phone line'. 

Looks like this law will be ruled out like any other in the country, where government's interest comes first, at the detriment of its citizens.

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