Wednesday, 17 May 2017

CRTV Under Fire For Broadcasting Lies About French New Government

Cameroonians and the world at large were shocked last Monday May 15, 2017 during 'CRTV' 8:30 p.m news cast, announcing that French new President, Emmanuel Macron has published a '16 man list of Ministers for his new government, among which were five women'.

The news broadcaster Adele Mballa Atangana said Emmanuel Macron had appointed Jean Yves Le Drian Minister of Foreign AffairsAnne-Marie Brass as Minister of Finance, and  Corine Lepage  as Minister of Education.

CRTV was announcing the new French government on the May 15th, where as a Press Release from Elysee relayed that President Macron was to have announced his new government yesterday May 16, but for some internal reasons, the big announcement will be made today Wednesday May 17, 2017, but CRTV had already made the announcement in their place, with inaccurate data.

CRTV is well known for false propaganda, especially in crisis situations in the country, but crossing the borders to report what is not real about a different country, is a total disgrace to the entire nation.

All hell break loose on the social media after the news cast, as Cameroonians at home and abroad criticized this act of what they termed 'lack of professionalism', and went as far as doubting the professional reliability of this state owned channel, not forgetting the damage that fake news can cause to the image of the country.

Meanwhile the world is waiting and watching for an apologetic press release from this media house on this, but looks like the waiting will be long and eternal.

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