Sunday, 21 May 2017

CRTV Apologizes To The French Government Following The Fake News Scandal About President Macron's New Cabinet Members

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Minister of Communication and CRTV's Boss

The Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation CRTV, has presented a public apology to the French government following broadcasting of a Fake French Government, even before the true government was announced two days after.

CRTV French news broadcasting anchor lady Adele Mballa Atangana, on Monday May 15 2017, during the 8h30 p.m televised news cast broadcasted that President Emmanuel Macron had announce the names of his new collaborators, whereas the big announcement that was to be made Tuesday, had been pushed forward to Wednesday May 18, 2017.
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Adele Mballa's announcement, turned the world upside down, and her error confirmed CRTV's championship over the  diffusion of fake news.

French diplomatic officials in Cameroon went for CRTV, requesting the head of the news presenter, who was automatically removed from the news desk to the back office.

France refused to back down, even after Adele Mballa's demotion.

To finally appease Cameroon's godfather of all time, CRTV's Director General Charles Ndongo, has tabled an apology to the French Community, expressing ' their regrets on the misguided information, diffused by anchor lady Adele Mballa Atangana'. 

The apology was read out in a Press Release, signed by Charles Ndongo, during CRTV's Sunday televised programme 'Dimanche midi'.

Let's hope his Press outings brings the damage under control.

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