Monday, 22 May 2017

CNPS Director General Who Earns More Than President Paul Biya In Hot Water Over Alleged Fiscal Fraud. See Salary Sheet Attached

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As reported earlier today, the  State Counsel General of the Special Criminal Court(SCC) has opened up investigations on the Director General of the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) Mekulu Mvondo Akame Alain Noel Olivier, for alleged Fiscal Fraud, in accomplicity with a certain Accounting Firm 'Cabinet TSEKANE', where it is also alleged he is a shareholder there 

Noel Olivier was before the State Counsel last April 26 2017, and if found guilty, he might just be one of Kondengui's next richest inmate.

The man in questioned is said to be one of the administrators whose monthly salaries double that of the Head of State.

Below is a breakdown of what the Director General takes home monthly from the State as his pay package, as outlined in his contract, gotten from Cameroon Web
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Alain-Noel-Olivier-Mekulu-Mvondo-Akame DG of CNPS

Monthly Salary
500 000  F CFA

Vehicle Allowance for the year
40 000 000 F CFA 

Utilities Allowance
Phone Allowance 200 000 F CFA
Electricity  200 000 F CFA
Telephone/Internet 400 000 F CFA

Monthly Fuel
 1500 liters 

Installation allowance
8 000 000 F CFA

Facilities Maintenance
7 200 000 F CFA

Housing Equipment
20 000 000 F CFA 
When living in a CNPS building, CNPS  equips the home with more than 40 000 000 F CFA, and 30% of  his net salary, if he is not living in a CNPS building

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