Saturday, 20 May 2017

Cellphones Prohibited At The Unity Palace During Today's Traditional 20th May Reception offered By The Presidential Couple

Réception des Lionnes Indomptables au Palais de l'Unité (10)
President Biya  taking selfies with  the Indomitable Lionesses, during the reception at the Unity Palace offered by him and his wife, to salute the bravery of the girls in the 201 AFWCON

Invitees to the traditional 20th May reception offered by the Presidential couple at the Etoudi Unity Palace, will not be able to take selfies on their phones, due to security reasons.

In a Press Release of yesterday May 19th 2017 by Government's mouth piece Issa Tchiroma,  all invitees will either leave their cellphones home, or leave them at the entrance to the Unity Palace.

First Lady Chantal Biya taking selfie with Cameroon's pussycat goalie Fabrice Ondoa

Invitees who thought they will have the opportunity of rubbing shoulders with the Presidential couples like the Indomitable  Lions and Lionesses did during their reception by President Biya and wife, after their brilliant performances on their respective Africa Nations Cup Tournaments have seen their hopes and supposed dreams come true dashed against hard rocks, as no phones will be allowed to go beyond the gates leading into the Presidential paradise.

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