Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Camrail Challenges Government's Report, Faulting Them For The Eseka Train Derailment Of Last October 21st, 2016

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Images of the No 152 Intercity train that crashed in Eseka on Friday the 21st of October 2016

The Cameroon Railway Corporation Camrail has rejected government's reports that heaps all the blames of the October 21st  2016 'Eseka train derailment', that killed 80 people and left more than 600 with minor and major injuries.

In an information note published by Camrail's authorities in the afternoon yesterday May 24th 2017, few hours after the state pronounced the findings of of the Prime Minister led Enquiry Commission, Camrail contested certain important points in the Ferdand Ngoh Ngoh signed Press Release on the matter.

Camrail says the report of the Commission seem to be questioning the fact that the locomotive that crashed  was bought in 2014, and that it was still very new, because it was bought through an international tender process.

As such, Camrail's experts thinks if truly, the newly locomotive which the government says was  faulty and caused the accident, was actually faulty, then the blame should be on the manufacturer, and therefore request that an international expertise investigations should be made so that the manufacturer will be confronted.

Concerning the compensation of victims, Camrail and its Insurer says they had already engaged actions, from the date of the accident, confirming their determinations to quickly finalize the necessary elements and facts needed for the human and material compensation.

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The report from the Enquiry Commissiom accused Camrail as the Principal cause of the derailment of Train No. 152, saying the locomotive was speeding at 90 km/hour on a steep slope with many bents, instead of the normal 40 km/ hour as is requested, when running such red zones.

According to the report, Camrail did not respect certain security measures, like they did not care about the fact that train was not in perfect mechanical conditions, its overloading, etc..

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