Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Armed Military Men Stormed Burial In Shishong With Tear Gas, After Tradition Gunshot Blasted The Air At The Funeral Ground

Reports from the Kumbo in North West Region says armed gendarmes stormed the burial of a certain Pa Nyuyse Patrick in Shishong today Wednesday 24th, 2017 and used tear gas on mourners and sympathizers during burial.
Sources reveal that  traditional gunshots were fired, as is the tradition of the people in the region, when a title man dies. The sound  of the gunshot alerted the gendarmes, who thought it was some sort of rioting, and broke into the scene, to counteract what they thought was a riot.
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They used strong tear gas on  mourners, and disrupted the burial.
The family of the deceased said they had obtained authorization as per the law, which was granted to them, before the shooting rituals, while contradicting sources say there was no such authorization. 
The widow is said to have had a blackout due to the shock and is still to recover, while four other mourners who too are reportedly recovering from the shock they they got. 

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