Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The New Unannounced Prime Minister Of Cameroon Mohamadou Labarang Warming Up

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New insider rumors say President Paul Biya is eyeing M. Mohamadou Labarang, present Cameroon's Ambassador to Egypt as next Prime Minister for the Republic of Cameroon. 

This rumour is crowned with the fact that HE. Mr. Biya wants to hand powers to the Northerners, following his oath with late President Amadou Ahidjo.

According to Charilogone Media propagating the rumor, the guy is noted for trying to Islamise Cameroon through projects relating to his objectives. 

The site says  Mohamadou Labarang has be accused severally for the embezzlement of public funds, and abuse of power during his time as Cameroon's Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, as well as in his present position in Eygypt. 

He also known as one of the richest Cameroonian Ambassadors, whose wealth is gotten illegally from the sweats of poor Cameroonians. It is also said that his unjustified giant wealth also increases from his connections and involvement with the powerful Islamic world rulers, on whom he rely's for backup in case of any shake up.

This Malam according to the site, is the most frequent traveller of all time in the history of Cameroon Diplomatic officials, and most of his trips are for unofficial purposes, but funded by the government coffers. He leaves  Egypt without informing the Egyptian authorities, nor his bosses here in Cameroon, abandoning his post of duty,  neglecting his official duties,  and remains unanswerable to anyone even Biya himself.

Mohamadou Labarang is also said to have  gradually transformed the Cameroon Embassy in Egypt into a Mosque, where foreigners of his religion flock in regularly for prayers and other religious rites and rituals.

He has been seen walking in and out of the corridors of the Presidential office at the Etoudi Unity Palace recently, and has not returned to office in Egypt since November 2016, but still runs the affairs of the Embassy as Ambassador.

His environment is already jubilating the fact that he will be taking over Philemon Yang and preparations are already ongoing, even though the big bomb has not officially exploded.

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  1. After rumour of Agbor Balla as Prime minister it is another fake news. Besides, the prime mister is not the direct successor to the president of the republic.


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