Tuesday, 25 April 2017

President Biya Signs A Seismic Decree Appointing ENOW EGBE Abraham As New ELECAM's Boss

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President Paul Biya is leaving no stone unturn in turning the tides to is favour, following the anglophone crisis rocking Cameroon, that has gone beyond his control.

In an efforts to lure and calm the aggrieved and marginalized anglophone community of Cameroon, Mr. Biya has recently been signing series of Decrees, appointing anglophones at the top, in a bid to draw the strayed community back to his flockhood.

Biya recently created the Bilingualism and Multicultural Commission, appointing Anglophone former Prime Minister Peter Mafany MUSONGE as  Chairperson, and making a significant come back of anglophone government chased out former Minister of Arts and Culture Ama Tutu Muna as a member of the said prestigious Commission.

Yesterday Monday April 24th 2017, at the instructions of the Head of State, Ernest Dikoum was retained Director General of Camair co, even though things were already clear that he was be be kicked out into the dungeons like his predecessors.

Today, Tuesday April 2th 2017, President Biya has signed another seismic Decree, appointing Enow Egbe Abraham, former Governor of the Center Region, who who hails from the Anglophone South West Regions of Cameroon, as the President of the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon ( ELECAM).

Mr. Enow is seconded by Madame Amougou née Ekobena Appoline Marie, Senior Staff at the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education as Vice.

The new duos replace Dr. Fonkam Azu'u and Barrister Ebanga Ewodo, who were still in active service, and who will have no choice than to return to the Ministries.

This new Presidential Decree comes with mixed feelings from Cameroonians especial in the English speaking regions, as they feel the Head of State is trying to corrupt their consciences by appointing their own people, at a time, where separation is closely eminent.

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