Thursday, 27 April 2017

Panic In Mutengene As Ghost Fire Visits Individuals Who Took Part In Mayor Ekema Patrick's Anti Ghost Town March Passs

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Reports from the South West rough town of Mutengene  say at least five houses have been burnt down by ghosts,  hunting anti-ghost town protagonists in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon.

Recently, the Mayor of the Buea Council, the SDO for Fako and some other Administrative authorities dragged  a handful of hungry youths to the streets of Limbe and Buea, and staged anti-ghost town March past, to denounce the continuous ghost town observations in the Buea municipality and environs and the South West Region in general, and to encourage the population to put aside fear and go about their normal businesses on ghost town declared days.

According to these Administrators, ghost towns are  having negative impacts on public and private businesses, and its slowing down the economic growth.

Participants of the aforementioned march pass were compensated a maximum sum of 2000 F CFA each, but the consequences of exposing their faces to the people with tears in their eyes, are far beyond their egoistic compensation.

But why must they destroy properties?
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