Thursday, 16 March 2017

Yaounde in Total Pandemonium as Justice Ayah Paul Abine Goes To Court This Morning - #FreeJusticeAyahPaul

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Supreme Court Judge Justice Ayah Paul Abine who was illegally arrested Mr. Biya's regime will be appearing in the Mfoundi Yaounde High Court  this morning at 11 a.m

Sources say Judges assigned to hear his 'habeas corpus' case initially declined to be part of the jury.

It is reported that the Mfoundi High Court President almost threw out the case but feared took him aback as the whole world is watching to know what is on that file, and why Biya's thugs had him arrested.

Meanwhile, the  Attorney General of the Supreme Court of Cameroon himself Chief Justice AYAH Paul ABINE had dragged Biya's regime to his own court to report unlawful arrest and detention. 

The President of the Mfoundi High Court at Yaounde proceeded to assign judges to hear the case, but NONE accepted to! The judges even threatened to resign should they be forced to be part of the jury. The Court President then had no choice to preside over the hearing than to get all the other judges to be part of it.

It is important to note that this case shall not be open to the public but heard in private chambers.


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