Monday, 13 March 2017

President Paul Biya Promotes His In-Law After Threats Of Taking Chantal Away From Him

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Yesterday we reported about Chantal Biya's cousin, Antoine Felix Samba, Director General of Budget at the Ministry of Finance, who used his presidential green card connections to intimidate and send dozens of families to the streets.

Probably, the cries of those he destituted seem not to have reached Etoudi, or better still his threat to take his sister Chantal away  frightened the landlord of Etoudi, pushing him to promote  Antoine Felix Samba from the position of the Director General of Budget at the Ministry of Finance to the admirable  juicy position of Inspector General of the Budget and Administrative Services in the same Ministry.

Antoine Felix Samba is replaced by Edou Alo'o Cyrille, 51 year old former Treasury Director.

Principal Civil Administrator from ENAM in 1990, Antoine Felix Samba holds a Higher Diploma in Commerce, in the field of Science and Management Techniques, Accounting and Finance, from the Higher School of Business and Science (ESSEC) Douala.

Before climbing the ladder of the Director General of Budget to is new position Inspector General of the Budget and Administrative Services, Antoine Felix Samba started his career with SOPECAM, where he was the Chief of the Accounting Services, and Chief of Finance and Accounting Services

He later worked as the Chief of Service Contracts Programming at the Secretary of State for Internal Security, Director of General Affairs, Technical Adviser No  1 and 2 at the Ministry of Transport, Director of General Affairs at the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Technological Development.

Antoine Felix Samba has also been  an Administrator in many Public Administrative Institutions, and Mayor of Minta in the Upper Sanaga, from 2002 - 2007.

His portfolio inflates the more, with the fact that he is the cousin to the First Lady Chantal Biya, which gives him the impetuous to trample upon the poor and the voiceless,

Good luck  Sah, as you gradually walk up to the position of MINFI in 2020.

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