Monday, 13 March 2017

Hon. Wirba Arrives The US, And Sends This Powerful Message Back Home

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Hon. Wirba Joseph

Some few days back, we reported that Hon. Joseph Wirba, has taken to the space for his safety, and the story was not fake as many insinuated.

The Revolutionary leader in a message yesterday on Facebook, confirmed that he is presently in the USA, where he went on self exile because the military thugs of the regime were already on the trail for his modest life.

Read this message below

I have been declared persona non grata by my colleagues for saying the truth in parliament and for calling on them to return home. 

If our MPs return home, it is game over for our oppressors. So, I reiterate my call on West Cameroonians to call on their MPs to return home. 

This may be my last Chance to reach you as I write there is a squad from Yaoundé with orders to kill me.

I will Neva betray U my pple.

We must resist more dan ever before. 

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