Friday, 10 March 2017

DO For Tombel Runs For His Life As Population Sets His Office Ablaze

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Reports from Tombel say the Divisional Officer is in hiding, for fear of his life, after bribing women to participate in Women's day march pass, and meeting his doom one day after his self purchased victory.

Sources say the DO succeeded in corrupting the minds of some sold out women, who actually took part in the activities of March 8 2017, and was boasting in pride on how he was the only crowing cock in Tombel.

The population rose up as one man yesterday Thursday March 9, burnt down the grand stand that their mothers defiled, and proceeded to bring down the DO's office into ashes.

Seeing that pride always goes before a fall, the DO took to his heels, and is said to be taking refuge in a nearby francophone town.

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