Tuesday, 14 March 2017

100 Million Francs Stolen From The Resident of Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, Government Delegate To The Yaounde City Council

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Gilbert Tsimi Evouna - Landlord of the Yaounde City Council

Reports from Yaounde say the sum of 100 000 000 FCFA(One Hundred Million Francs) was stolen from the resident of the Government Delegate to the Yaounde City Council(YCC) Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, by two of his private workers.

Sources  say the incident happened towards the end of February 2017.

Ekani and Ebode, driver and distributor respectively of Mme Tsimi Evouna, main water supplier of the YCC, made away with a 'ghana must go' bag containing the sum of 100 million Francs from the Tsimi Evouna's resident, in the absence of the landlord and wife.

The two guys took the direction to their village in the Lekie Division of the Center Region, where they are still enjoying themselves till date.

Reports say the two guys keep telling whoever cares to listen to them that, they just took one of the many bags of millions that are helplessly lying in Tsimi Evouna's house, with more piling monthly.

Gossipers went to the Jack Bauer and owner of Yaounde, to inform him of where his boys were, how they are spending his money, and what they are vomiting out of their mouths concerning the source of the money they are lavishing in the village.

The Yaounde City Council tyrant, dared not raise his voice higher that his roof, for fear of what his bosses will think, should they get to know that he has piles of money in his house.

Some few years back, Gilbert Tsimi Evouna arrested some of his workers and locked them up for stealing hundreds of millions from his home. However, during investigations, it was revealed that his own very son was the very culprit who had been making away with bags of his millions that he always declared missing in the past, and for which he kept arresting and locking up innocent citizens.

What baffles us most is how and where he gets such huge sums of money, and why e decides to keep them in his house. 

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