Friday, 17 February 2017

Yaounde Military Court Sentence 19 Years Old UB Student To Six Months Imprisonment Without Trial

Tite Kwenkam Momekam

The Yaounde Military Court has sentenced Tite Kwenkam Momekam, a Second Year student of the University of Buea, reading Political Science Major to six months imprisonment at the Kondengui Central Prison.

Tite was arrested on Jan 29th 2017, distributing flyers concerning the ongoing British Southern Cameroon struggle.

On Feb. 3, Tite was able to lay hands on a legal counselor to defend him, and while his legal counsel was preparing his defense, the court passed judgement on February 14th, without ttrial, even though there were no proves for the alleged 'Terrorist charges' for which he was being accused.

"Now, their battle has just begun. The defense would fight to release Tite on bail, and subsequently get the judge to drop all charges against him so that he walks out of prison a free man." Tite lawyer Gilbert Ngawou declared. 

Barrister Ngawou said Tite's case in particular has high political undertones, reason why the judge could not free him, because the judge needed to give the prosecution time to come up with implicating evidences to sustain the charges against Tite.

Barrister Ngawou said he reserved the rights to remain silent, and could not comment on certain issues, adding that he failed to understand the complexities of the Cameroon Legal System. He was reacting to questions as to whether his client Tite was paying for government's inability to produce evidence against their alleged charges of 'Terrorism' on Tite.

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