Wednesday, 22 February 2017

USA - President Donald Trump's Impeachment Predicted By Prof. Allan Lichtman

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The Nov. 8  2016 US Presidential election was one that threw political prediction models out the window. Almost every professional pollster said President Donald Trump would end up losing by historic margins. But there was one professor at American University who got it right.

The professor who since 1984, has correctly predicted every presidential election including Donald Trump's unexpected victory — is now writing a book on what he says is 'Trump's imminent impeachment'.

Prof. Allan Lichtman, uses  a set of keys to accurately predict every presidential election, whose outcome makes people believe in him the more.

The learned Professor is writing a book called, "The Case for Impeachment" and in it, he says the 45th President of the United States could get impeached because of his 'alleged ties to Russia' and 'possible conflicts of interest with his businesses'. 

Lichtman even predicted Trump's impeachment before Election Day. The book is set to be released on April 18th.

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