Thursday, 23 February 2017

Updates From Mutengene Civilian/Military War - Three death Including Police Officer

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As reported earlier this morning, the population of Mutengene, South West most craziest town in the  Region had a deathly confrontation last night, where three vehicles were burnt down, including the vehicle of the Commissioner of police, and a section of GBHS Mutengene burnt as well.

New details story say a policeman died during the confrontation, that  was provoked by a police officer shooting at point blank range a Southern Cameroonian resident at Mutengene. 

Rumours have it that Francophone  students were openly provoking their Anglophone counterparts,  because they (the francos) were doing their usual schooling. 

This provocation opened a free for all fight, that led to the shooting of an innocent anglophone boy.

All hell  broke lose, after the youth slumped and died, as weapons began flaring the air, while many scamper into nearby bushes for cover, as back up forces engaged in indiscriminate mass arrest.

Before the end of the fight, three persons had lost their lives including the policeman.

Meanwhile roads have been blocked, as denizens say the military should do away with them all.

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