Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Three Youths Sentenced To 10 Years Imprisonment Last Year Will Appear Before The Appeal Court

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The three youths who were arrested on 14th Dec. 2014 for sharing joke SMS on 'Boko Haram's recruitment of youths from 14 years and above, with at least four A/Levels', might be discharged and acquitted at the Court of Appeal in Yaounde.

Fumosoh Ivo, Azah Lévis and Afuh Nivelle were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on Oct. 5 2016, by the Yaounde Military Court, under article 74, 97, 107 and 116 of the Penal.

They were accused of "complicity insurgency" and "Failing to report a terrorist act". Along the line into the case, the first charge was however discharge, but the court retained the second charge, which they described as a terrorists act

The Legal Counsels for the trio together with some Human Rights groups, have been fighting to get them out of Kondengui, and they have finally succeeded in entering into the Appeal Court, which will begin re-examining the case file on March 16th, 2017.
Afuh Nivelle who today is 21, was a student in Lower-Sixth, while Azah Levis and Fomosoh Ivo had just obtained their A.Levels before they were arrested.

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