Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Seven Cameroonians arrested in Dubai For Scamming The Sum of 610 Million F CFA From A Mogul, After Beating And Leaving Him In A Hotel

Image result for Images of Dubai Police Station in Deira

Reports say seven Cameroonians plus another three bad guys from other nationalities were arrested in Dubai, after scamming and beating up a man,  vanishing with the sum of Dh3.6 million, and equivalent of 610 127 932 F CFA(Six Hundred and Ten Millions, One Hundred and Twenty Seven Thousands Nine Hundred and Thirty Two Francs).

Reports say the gang of criminals had lured the man who is said to be an investor to a hotel in the Dubai Commercial city of Deira (probably with a well prepared scamming scheme and fake business proposal), beat him up, before taking to the borders with the victim's money, where they were arrested two days after.

The Investor(MOGUL, as the scammers call their victims) told the police that he did not know the guys before agreeing to meet them in the hotel.

The police say some of the guys were in the UAE on resident visa, while others were illegal immigrants.

The criminals have been presented to the prosecution, and are awaiting trial.

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