Tuesday, 28 February 2017

SDF Says Federalism Awareness March Must Hold On Sat

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Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu

The Regional President for the Littoral wing of the Social Democratic Front(SDF) Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu has said his party will carry on with the Federalism March Awareness, despite decisions from the SDO of Douala V prohibiting the said manifestation.

In a public declaration of yesterday Feb. 27, Hon. Jean Nintcheu is claiming freedom of manifestation  and expression, which according to him are constitutional rights. he condemns what he calls ' the refusal of the SDO of Douala V', whom he accused of acting on ' procuration' 

Read his Declaration below:


The Senior Divisional Officer of Douala V Mr. Tchakui Noundie Jean Marie has signed a decision prohibiting the holding of public manifestations of the SDF scheduled for 4th March at Bepanda Axe Lourd. The Local administrator justifies his decision with the 'risk of public disorder'.

This act came after the party deposited a Declaration for public  manifestation, precising among others the theme of the grand rally, which is 'Federalism and Unitary State", followed by a peaceful march.

SDF Littoral :
  • Once more, reminds that public manifestations of political parties are governed by the law of 1990 on public freedom, which prescribes the principle of declaration and the non authorization.
  • Reiterates that the freedom to manifest and the freedom of expression are constitutional rights in our country, which moreover, ratifies many international Conventions, especially the Universal Declaration of human rights, and most recently, the African Charter of human rights for democracy, elections and governance.
  • Condemns the refusal of the SDO of Douala V, who in all evidence, is acting on instructions.
  • Call on the  local and international public to  witness the outrageous partiality and the retrograded actions of the Yaounde regime, which is persisting, despite all existing legal arsenal, to maintain the hideous and apartheid system of double standards as a way of selecting political parties authorized to organize a public manifestation.
Considering what is happening, SDF Littoral:
  • Has decided to ignore this illegal prohibition which takes our country 30 years behind in public freedom
  • Reaffirms its willingness and determination to mobilize for this republican manifestation
  • SDF Littoral undertakes as in the past,  to respect the Constitution, as well as the rules and regulation of Cameroon. For resolutely democratic Republic.

Done in Douala, the 27th of February 2017
Honourble Jen Michel Nintcheu
SDF Regional President for the Littoral

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