Friday, 17 February 2017

Samel Eto'o Did Not Publish Nude Photos of His Mistress - New Reports Reveal

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Tomorrow February 18 2017, will mark one year since the Supreme Court in France banned the publication of Eto'o's ex-mistress's book 'Revenge Porn', and the self made celebrity Nathalie Koah seem to be making BOLD HEADLINES again, as new report emerges  that her closest pal was the one who published her nude photos online, and not her former boyfriend Samuel Eto'o as was alleged.

According to a French tabloid Buzzebene, the self made socialite and business mogul is the one who carelessly gave access of her privacy to a friend, who exposed her online. 

The tabloid said they got this latest development from the Facebook wall of a  former Journalist of Radio Canada Sisondi Barlev Bidjoka, who wrote that he got the information from French  Cyber Police.

The French  Cyber Police, after investigation, exonerated Eto'o of the accusations, that had rubbed his personality to the dust. 

The investigation revealed that the 'Great 9 Shirt' as he is fondly called was in England at the time of publication, while the publication was done in France from a smart phone and and a temporal link that later disappeared.

Well, everything seems to belong to the past now, as Nathalie is in a healthy union that has a little baby girl to show for it, while the goleador too cemented his union with his beloved wife Georgette of June 15th 2016.

Meanwhile Nathalie Koah is having an online battle with one time FECAFOOT Presidential aspirant Caddy Marlène Patience Emvoutou Aka’a who ended up in jail and later exiled herself to France.

Both ladies seem to have met in a dark room, and seem to know the dirtiness of each other, that they are now publicly washing their dirty linens. We are already compiling details of this gist for publication.

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