Monday, 27 February 2017

Prof. Tassang Wilfred And Barrister Eyambe Reappears In A More Asssuring Way, And Says Consortium Is Stronger Than Ever - Video

Doubting minds have been put to rest, after rumours sparked, that Tassang Wilfred was under some kind of duress, or probably being detained, following the unconvincing message in the last video he released. 

In this new video  Tassang and Barrister Eyambe, clarifies the anglophone community that things were going as expected, and that there is no power tussle in the consortium as detractors labeled.

They said Ghost towns henceforth will be only on Mondays, except when there is a reason for the community to boycott events like the upcoming Women's day.

They insist that the strike and ghost towns continue.

Listen to the guys

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