Wednesday, 22 February 2017

President Biya Might Have Another Hard Time Abroad If He Insists On Travelling To Italy Come March

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Ever since the Presidency announced President Biya's upcoming visit to Rome come March 2017, Cameroonians have step up their threats in making his stay more uncomfortable on the Italian soil than ever. They say they will march to the Papal's resident in Rome, to tell the world who Pope Francis is having as guest.

There have been calls to the Holy See, to ex-communicate the 84 years old dictator, who has been in powers for 34 years and is still hoping to rule for eternity.

The recent tension in the Anglophone Regions, have been giving the die-hard dictator sleepless nights, as all efforts used by him and his crooked government to get the stake holders of the ongoing strike to call off their action have been futile.

Meanwhile more people are still being arrested in the two anglophone regions, and the whereabouts of some other victims are unaccountable by the the government, who keeps giving wrong figures of those in detention to the public.

Meanwhile calls for Mr. Biya to step down have multiplied, as Cameroonians of both the French and English speaking origin believe a younger person should be giving the chance to give Cameroon a new look at the Presidency, while the anglophones are more determined than ever, that they want 'INDEPENDENCE' and won't want to talk about 'Federalism' any more, since government's spokesman Minister Issa Tchiroma says it is a 'TABOO'.

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