Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Molah Humprey Ekema Monono Extends Registration Date For GCE

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Molah Humprey Ekema Monono

The Registrar of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board Humphrey Ekema Monono has signed a Press Release extending the registration deadline for the 2017 session for the second time. The first extension was on January 27th, and after the continuous boycott of classes by teachers and students, he has extended it to next week February 28.

Students have already gone over 90 days without classes, and undisclosed sources reveal that the UN investigators who recently visited schools in the anglophone regions to confirm that classes have been  paralysed since Jan. 21st 2017, said he school year is over and certificates obtained from the Cameroons this year shall be null and void. 

Last week, officials of the GCE Board dispelled rumors that the examinations would be postponed, they said compilations of documents are ongoing for a hitch free session this year.

Observers hold that the writing of the GCE this year would be a collective agreement especially by leaders of the ongoing strike action. Some of the leaders are quoted as saying in one of their Facebook post that “There will be no GCE this year.”

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