Saturday, 18 February 2017

Madness Reach Climax At LRC As Military Watchdogs Arrest UN Official

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Reports from Bamenda says military watchdogs of  LRC arrested Prof. Martin CHIA ATEH, UN Information Workshop Coordinator and three others yesterday. 

Sources say Prof Chia had gone to a restaurant behind Ecobank at Devil Street in Bamenda, when the three others including Chief Kwato Joseph called him on phone to inquire the position of  the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on the internet outage in the anglophone regions, as well as inquire about the coming UN Information Workshop that is supposed to open it curtains on Monday February 20th 2017.

While on phone. the waitress at the restaurant went to bring the food he had ordered, and on returning, he was no longer where he was sitting, with the whole place dark with armed uniform men.

The waitress raised an alarm on his disappearance, and all search effort at local police stations to locate him and the three others have proved futile, and at press time, no one knows where they were whisked off to.

Now if this is not 'Madness in the Highest Order', then how do we term this?

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