Saturday, 18 February 2017

Inside The Yaounde Kondengui Prison Where Our Youths Are Languishing

Yaounde Kondengui Prison

This is the Yaounde Kondengui prison, where our youths, sons and brothers are languishing day and night for crimes they did not commit.

The deplorable conditions in which Cameroon prisons are, are abominable to humanity. 

In the video here-attached taken by some prisoners to show the world how inhumane the government is to its own sons and daughter, you will see how people are packed in air tight rooms and, the kind of of food they are being fed with.

But every year, we hear of  Billions of Budget voted at the National Assembly, for the rehabilitation of prisons, and yet the prison structures grow dilapidated everyday, with the most unhygienic conditions. 

Inmates are made to contribute money they don't even have to replace the roofs of their various cells, and refurbish falling walls.

Nearly all of the cleanest and comfortable cells, were built by the 'Operation- Sparrow Hawkers', who transfer their outside comfort into  the prisons, to avoid living miserably.

When new inmates arrive, they are made to pay heavy sums of money, to fell the comfort of the luxurious section, otherwise, your bed will be on the floor in a small room, of about 10 to 20 others like you.

The  'pigs quarter' as they call it, is where our youths are spending their dark days.

Watch the video below.

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