Monday, 13 February 2017

Flames Take Over Anger In Mamfe

The people of Mamfe more than ever, have decided to exchange their anger with fire, so that the heat is felt right at quatier generale.

Reports say the Inspectorate of Basic Education for the Manyu Division went into flames this morning, burning down completely to ashes. No one knows who put the fire and why. Confirmations are still to be made as to whether there were occupants in the building or not. 

In another fire report, a timber truck was burnt to ashes a few days ago in Kembong near Mamfe town, by Kembong boys who questioned why their their forests are being depleted and taken to La Republique for subsequent exportation.

Still in Mamfe last week, two new taxis bought by the Mayor to counteract ghost town were burnt just hours after their arrival in Mamfe.

My take: We understand that our people are really angry, and are using all means to prove their anger, but burning down our own infrastructures will mean double expenses for us when things begin to fall in place.  Let's be wise and smart.

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