Friday, 17 February 2017

Fako DO Suspends SWECC General Assembly, As Chiefs Fights Each Other Over The Position Of The President

Chief Mukete

The upcoming South West Elites General Assembly has been indefinitely suspended by the the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako Zang III. The suspension comes following an appeal by the host Fako Division, which argued that the present executives of the South West Chiefs Conference (SWECC) is violating the constitution of the group by imposing conditions on choosing leaders to them.

According to the constitution, Fako Chiefs are supposed to present their candidate who will automatically become a candidate for the next President of the SWECC.

During last year's elections, HRH Njombe Johnson won the elections at the level of the Fako Division, and was presented as the Fako candidate for the leadership position, but the elections were postponed. 

However, some first-class chiefs of Fako said HRH Njombe of the Wokaka village was below the standards of leadership, and are also objecting his candidature.

HRH Njombe is not losing hope, as he tells SWECC not to get involved with their affairs as they are working in accordance with the constitution. He also remains the chosen candidate to represent Fako in the elections, whenever it will hold.

Meanwhile reports say the South West Chiefs Conference has become a battle ground, that people use to settle scores, as they greedily work towards vain glories.

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