Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bamenda Streets Go Death Silent, As Ghost Awaits The Triumphant Parade Of The AFCON In The Dead Streets

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First images from Bamenda relay a graveyard like city, where dogs have refused to bark, and cocks refused to crow, as ghosts takes over the streets to welcome the African Nations Cup that arrived the city late last night.

The people of Bamenda say they are not against the joy of the trophy, but they can't pretend to be happy, while their mothers are sitting in ashes, mourning their children who have been arrested, and whose whereabouts are unaccountable.

The pains in Bamenda is so intensed that the people will not want to compromise their grieving, even with a fake smile for the golden empty trophy, that is used to blackmail their emotions.

More of this story as the day unfolds

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